Corporate Events

Looking to the be the cool boss?

Why does Google pay their employees to play beach volleyball, bowl, or climb the campus rock wall? The same reason LinkedIN pays their employees to play ping pong at work. Playing at work with co-workers lowers stress levels, increases creativity and boosts productivity.

Are you in need of a new and more effective way of providing team morale and effectiveness? A way for your team members to not only learn to work together more efficiently, but have a blast doing so? Or maybe you just want to treat your incredible team to the latest and greatest entertainment venue to Fargo. Rough Cut Social is the answer!

Finally, your team members will have the opportunity to experience this worldwide phenomena right in their own backyard! Rough Cut Social is the first axe throwing beer and wine bar in Fargo. Designed for all ages, axe throwing is the exact thing your team needs for team building and fun!