Social Club
Rough Cut Social offers outstanding experiences perfect for fun with family and friends or even a stellar team-building excursion. You’ve probably even trained with our Axeperts, learning to throw like a pro. Our location in downtown Fargo has a lot more to offer thanks to a slew of social games and plenty of drinks and snacks to keep you satisfied between axe throwing. There’s plenty to love when you visit Rough Cut Social.
Corporate Events
Looking for a great team building event to increase team morale and effectiveness? Book axe throwing for your next corporate event and be the cool boss.
Private Events
Are you looking for a corporate booking, reserving the whole place or a corporate conference room? We have you covered.
Social Games

In addition to our thrilling axe throwing experience, we also offer a variety of fun social games to keep your party going and give every visitor something to love. You’re sure to have fun with:

  • Bean Bags

    An all American classic, good to play indoors and out!  Grab a drink, play solo or double! This game is free to play!


    Drinking and games have long gone hand-in-hand, and STUMP is no exception. With beer in hand, you’ll have to pound nails like a pro, trying to sink them in one go or risk losing out to a stronger opponent. Last nail standing wins. Nails at bar, $1 per nail.

  • Giant Jenga

    Building an oversized tower of bricks is simple enough – keeping it standing while you pull out pieces is a lot harder. Who will bring the tower crashing down? The only way to find out is to play. This game is free.

  • Beer Pong

    Whether you’re a beer pong ninja or it’s your first time, you’re going to love playing beer pong in our social club. I honestly don’t know how you mess up beer pong when you’ve got a table, cups, a couple of ping pong balls and enough beer to keep the game going.

Other Entertainment

Need a break from all the fun and festivity? No problem. Just grab a drink and a snack and chill out in front of our two large flatscreens, lounge with your friends, or pose in front of our massive Fargo wall for a selfie to commemorate your latest win at Rough Cut social.